Editing Span: add font-family

Perhaps I miss something but I can’t find nowhere how to set the font-family when editing span that is a setting originaly support by the tag SPAN.

If you don’t know how to do, this feature does definitely doesn’t exist.
So I will turn my topic to “Feature Requests”.

Missing it too, spotted that some time ago, but won’t comment on that general topic anymore, so I just left a thumbs up.

Thanks for requesting it though, voted @weedor :+1:

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Hi @weedor,

Perhaps you can try using a font preset. I haven’t tested this specifically with a span, but it works in other contexts.

In the Editing Span, in Preset there are 2 items: Heading and Paragraph
Is there a way to add another item?

Yes. Very straightforward - go to Cwicly Global Styles > Elements > Block Typography.

Please be sure to enable the preset when you select it:

I created a Preset with 2 parameters: change font-family and italic
In the paragraph block, in Editing Span, I enabled preset.

All the paragraph became italic (not only SPAN)
The font-family didn’t change according to the Block Typography settings

That sounds like the Preset is being applied to the entire element, not just the span, so, that is not a feasible workaround.

I will vote for this also in that case.

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Hi @weedor,

Thank you for your feature request!

This has already been requested by myself here.

Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas there.

Closing this as it is a duplicate.

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