Editing Gutenberg content created prior to Cwicly install

I installed Cwicly on an existing site with a few thousand posts and noticed I could only access the full editor feature set (e.g global classes) on newly created content. I am not using Cwicly templates or theme since I use Bricks Builder in the backend (yes overkill but I hate the stock Gutenberg editor).

If the post content was created prior to a Cwicly install does such content need to be recreated using the Cwicly front end editor? If this is the case is there a convert function or is Cwicly meant to be used on new sites?

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In general, its best to use Gutenberg’s default blocks for post content - especially if you have thousands of posts.

If you don’t need Cwicly’s feature set on those blocks, then I wouldn’t try to convert them.

Cwicly is best for elements and sections that need to be custom designed.

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Thanks for responding. For some reason I thought Cwicly extended everything Gutenberg did. Converting post content would be feasible in case. By the way I’ve been a reader of your blog for ages and you’re a familiar face in the Oxygen community.

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Ah yeah, it’s all separate elements.

And thanks a lot! Comments like yours always help keep me going :slight_smile: