Editing a gradient input field freezes the whole browser tab

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I’m trying to edit a gradient input field to use a CSS color variable and as soon as I type '(', the whole browser tab freezes.

(I can’t even open console, it is totally frozen.)


Hi @yankiara,

Thanks for the report.
Please provide the value you are using as I cannot reproduce this currently.

Thanks in advance.

OK so I could make it work in an empty page (one section), but with a LOT of lag and error messages:

But on a page with more content, the lag is getting huge and sometimes it freezes with a browser popup saying that page doesn’t respond, sometimes it’s just frozen then gets back to normal after more than 10 seconds, then freezes again with a click anywhere on the page.

Doesn’t seem that gradient content is the issue here, but maybe size of DOM / number of blocks? Juste guessing…

NOTE: I have NO ISSUE and NO LAG at all while editing the gradient popup input field :slight_smile:


Thanks for the details @yankiara.
Might I ask which browser you are using? What your var() consists of?

I’m currently not able to reproduce this:


OMG, it is so fluid in your video…

I’m using Chrome on Windows 11.

It does not depend on the variable, it freezes before I even type the variable name.

I actually made a few more tests, and it seems that the pb comes from parenthesis:

  • before I enter any parenthesis, everything is fluid;
  • as soon as I type opening parenthesis (after var, for instance), everything freezes for a few seconds, then parenthesis appears, then anything I type freezes again like 10 seconds, and if I type a full word, sometimes it freezes with browser popup, sometimes no popup but popup appears when I try to quit/reload page;
  • as soon as I type the closing parenthesis, everything is back to normal, very fluid, either inside parenthesis or outside;
  • if I delete the closing parenthesis, laggin and freezing again.

So it looks like there’s a pb in the parsing of '(...)'.

I tried to deactivate all stylesheets and created a new page, still the same.
It is actually not a lot worse with heavy pages.

Interesting, thanks for the details, @yankiara!
Will try to reproduce, dig a bit deeper as it’s definitely unusual.

Sorry for the trouble!

Same with Brave and Firefox.

Hi @yankiara,

I’m guessing this bug was fixed based on the other similar topic: