"Edit as HTML" breaks Cwicly Blocks

When I try to edit Cwicly blocks as HTML, I get an error saying “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.”

Here’s a screenshot showing a comparison between Gutenberg blocks (paragraph & heading) with corresponding Cwicly blocks (paragraph & heading).


Both sets of blocks have the same content, and both are set to Edit as HTML. The core blocks work okay, but Cwicly’s return an error.

This is no longer the case since we have turned to using Gutenberg’s native rendering process.

If you still experience this issue, I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know by replying to this thread.​


Thanks. I haven’t done that particular process in a while. I have seen it when I try to copy blocks from older versions of Cwicly into newer ones (not design library, just plain copy-paste). Usually recovers them well, though.

So much has changed in Cwicly since then (5 months!!) I would venture to say it’s no longer an issue.


It seems issue is still there for me…

Added a Cwicly paragraph, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT+M, change one character in paragraph content, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT+M to go back, and BOOM!

Bump @Louis,

This is not fixed, it doesn’t work AT ALL for Cwicly paragraphs and headings.

This is very annoying because I need to insert non breaking spaces a lot in some circumstances to keep a clean design.

Take any p or h block, edit as HTML, type any character, edit visually, and BOOM:

Never seen this work. Also with Generateblocks this is an issue. I assumed it was a blocks thing, but Cwicly can do something about this?