Each scrolling action stored into browsing history

I am currently replicating a one-page website with Cwicly, which I have previously built with Bricks.

I noticed that the smooth scrolling by Cwicly would make every click store in the browser history, which is not good. That said, I will return to the previous click when I click from the browser history(or click back to the previous arrow on the browser).

The clicks for the one-page website should not store the click in the browser history as it’s only scrolling with the same page.

Hey @jornes.

Thanks for bringing this up.

There is already a feature request about this:

Unfortunately this comes from the old forum and there was a conversation between Louis and me where I extensively explained my issues with the default browser behavior and how it could be improved with Cwicly.
My main points were UX and accessibility.

The initial post for itself makes no sense as a whole and are missing my points, but the important parts are missing.

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Hey @Marius
I hope they will understand it better. :slight_smile:

To bump this thread in case it’s been overlooked.

Not sure when will this be addressed. :blush:

Hi @jornes,

This is on our feature tracker and will be added soon. We want to make sure we can pack every possible option inside :+1:


Hi @Louis
Nice to know. Thank you!