Dynamic tag as function parameter frontend and backend

@Louis Is it possible to use a dynamic tag as parameters in a dynamic insert function? For example, can an ACF field in a repeater be used as a parameter?

Hello @g97iulio,

If we’re on the same wavelength here, the dynamic inserter return function does support our dynamic tags: for example → {title}

As for this specific use-case, I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve.


I have a function that requires ACF custom fields from a nested repeater as input parameters.

Here is the hierarchical structure of an ACF group field:

1.1 Week
1.1.1 Workout Exercise, Variant, Reps, Sets, Intensity, KG, “Done”.

My function needs to take Exercise, Variant, Reps, Sets, Intensity, and KG as parameters. They are all ACF fields (with the meta key being their respective names).

Additionally, I’m looking to determine if it’s possible to modify the value of the “Done” field through a button click interaction and a custom function. To achieve this, I need to identify the index of the “Done” field along with its parent elements. What would be the best approach to accomplish this task?

Hi @g97iulio,

I see what you’re trying to achieve here.
The issue I see is that you would have to know the field name of each parent to update the correct repeater. This currently wouldn’t be possible.
But we can definitely add an array of parents dynamic tag along with the row etc…
I’ll keep this logged.

I already know the field name. In Bricks Extras, I can achieve this using the loop index and a custom helper function to get the parent index row. For example, if “allenamento” is at level 0 in the reverse count, I can use loop_index() for it. To get its parent index, I’ll use (1), and for the grandparent, I’ll use (2). This way, I can access the ACF loop and use the update sub-field.

In the paragraph where I use the dynamic function insert, what should I use as a dynamic tag to access the “exercise” and other ACF subfields? Thank you for all. I’m trying to switch from bricks to cwicly but it’s a little bit overwhelming .