Dynamic slider default border issue

i found dynamic slider have a default black 3px border. i have to removed it by code below.

.splide__track–nav>.splide__list>.splide__slide.is-active {
border: 0;

i think here should be have not default border. or may be somewhere some the setting which i do not know ?

Hi @qiang814k,

By default, we include the splide.min.css file which adds a black border to indicate an active slide.
If it is something you would want to have control over, we can add an option.

In the meantime, you can customise the active styling to your liking with the use of Relative Styling.

Here is the rule:

Here are the classes that you will need to target:

  • splide__track–nav
  • splide__list
  • splide__slide
  • is-active

Please let me know if this helps and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions on this.

thanks for your prompt reply, but it seems does not work.

Sorry to hear that didn’t help, @qiang814k.

If I’m not mistaken, the black border appears when a slider has been synced with another slider, the latter being used as a navigation.

So perhaps you are applying your Relative Styling on the wrong slider.
Could you possibly make sure you are applying the RS to your navigation slider (the one with the black border)?

If this is already the case, it seems unusual, as it is working as expected on my end.

Thank you in advance.

thanks for your patient on me.

i am use dynamic sliders, applying the RS on template.

if still can not help, i can send my test account to you by email.

Thank you for the screenshot, @qiang814k.

Is there a reason you have enabled the “Is Navigation” toggle?

As there doesn’t seem to be another slider on your page, you shouldn’t be enabling this navigation feature as it will unnecessarily add the border on your active slide.

I would suggest to disable the “Is Navigation” parameter, and remove the Relative Styling that I previously shared with you, as it is unnecessary in this case.

Once you have done so, kindly let me know if the issue persists.

yes, you are right. i get wrong of it. thanks , Araminta

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