Dynamic inserter ACF not working

Hi there I have a paragraph and want to add multiple text fields from ACF in one paragraph and dynamic inserter is the way to do it, but can’t figure out why it’s not working. In the dropdown list I can choose ACF and need to provide a field slug and location. The location is from my options page but can’t find the field slug? What am i doing wrong? Screenshot provided. By the way CWICLY is one powerhouse and keeps getting better and better with every update. The CWICLY team is AMAZING!

Hi @chaudes,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with this.
That all looks good to me if the field name is the one you’ve entered.

Just to make sure: is this not appearing on the frontend?
We currently don’t support showing the preview on the backend for the Dynamic Inserter.

Could you possibly try with the dynamic value selector and see if it comes through?


Hi :wave: Louis thank you for this quick response :relaxed: The answer to your question is, no it’s not showing/ rendering on the front end unfortunately.

Hi @chaudes,

Thanks for the precision.

That does sound unusual indeed.
Could you possibly send me a screenshot of your ACF group where the field is set up just so I can see if there might be something there?


Of course here’s a screenshot of my ACF setup :slight_smile:

Hi @chaudes,

Thanks for that!
This is because it’s inside an ACF group field, which would have to be specified. This is possible through the Dynamic Selector but not the Dynamic Inserter. We’re adding an option for this in the next update.

Added in

Thank you so so much :kissing_heart::heart: You’re a genius :heart:

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