Duplicate Content On Page

Apologies if this has been asked already. Tried searching the forum but found nothing.
Totally new to Cwicly. Just playing with it really to get a feel for it.

Created a page and editing it. When I add an H1 and a paragraph. It’s duplicated on the front end.
Shows fine on backend.

For example, it spits out the H1 and the paragraph and directly below it does it again.
I must be doing something wrong. Can someone advise please.
Many thanks.

Hey @imark.

Could you try to re-save the template which you are using for your page?
Make also sure that you don’t use the post content block twice inside a template.

Hi @imark ,

I experienced the same before, please try to regenerate CSS and HTML in Cwicly Setting Page and check if it is solved.

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