Display of Gutenberg Shortcode in backend

Is it possible to design a Shortcode Cwicly Blocks “nicer”.
This one pollute the display.


What do you want to achieve? Do you want to make the existing gutenberg shortcode block look nicer and slimmer? Why not inspect the block styles and modify it as per your need? Do we really need a cwicly shortcode block?

I think better option will be to use Cwicly code block and output shortcodes in it like this

<?php echo do_shortcode('[PUT-YOUR-SHORTCODE-HERE]'); ?>


Ok, thank you!
I use : <?php echo do_shortcode('[PUT-YOUR-SHORTCODE-HERE]'); ?> and that works fine.
This is what I requested: not have backend a big white block with the shortcode instead of the result.
I think that it could be a Cwicly Shortcode Block with the result (not have to insert “<?php echo do_shortcode('…” in the code block.
But you are right: it’s a rich man’s problem!