Display conditions for ACF checkbox fields?

I have an ACF checkbox field where I can obviously select multiple values.

I wanted to create a display condition in Cwicly to only show an element if one of the boxes is checked.

However, the only available operators are: equals, doesn’t equal, empty, not empty.

Because there is no “contains” operator, this means I’m not able to properly set up the condition if there are multiple values selected.

Although strangely, it looks like it doesn’t work even if there is only one value selected and the condition is set to equal that value.

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Hi @sunny,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, the conditions for ACF Fields have to be revised to include those more particular fields that needs specific attention.
Might take a bit longer to implement because we’re full on the filter block, but it is on our priority list.


Hi @sunny,

Once again thanks for taking the time to report this issue.
It should be fixed in

If you still experience trouble with it, please let us know by replying to this thread.


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