Disabling Gutenberg styles

Hello, I can’t seem to find a simple way to do it inside Cwicly and the documentation is missing it too.
Any way to improve this experience?

Hi @AnthonyKeller,

Thanks for bringing that up. We’ll make sure to have that cleared up.
In the meantime, you can remove Gutenberg Global Styles by going to:

  • Cwicly Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Cwicly Optimisations → Remove WordPress Global Styles

Thank you for your help.

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Good point @AnthonyKeller.

There are block defaults that are also included inside that panel. But definitely an option we can/should provide.


Merci Louis, je crois que tu parles français ?
The thing is we probably don’t need to build with normal gutenberg at all in many cases when Cwicly is here… the main reason being we want a clean interface for our clients not being overwhelmed and in the end for us as well !

Maybe something like this ?

And I would go as far as removing the Gut. navigator and even the tools (pencil icon) ?


Would all this be a stupid idea if plugins rely on those ? I don’t really think so myself as I am more into a sleek and meaningful interface.

Hi, just testing the waters now, But i second what AnthonyKeller said, i was about to write a new post… probably will but he pretty much sums it up.

Its really confusing which part I am touching if there is always gutenberg stuff all over,makes it harder to overcome the cwicly learning curve and in my opinion unnecessary.

So Louis, can you explain to me what is the point on having parts of the gutemberg editor, template or what not if all can be done from cwicly?

In my experience, I was looking for a feature rich and robust builder different than kadence, blocksy, astra, or the likes, which are all about gutenberg and running from elementor and thrive thrash like editors. So cwicly seems a good option.
Though gutemberg feels like a pebble in the shoe in my honest opinion.

Thank you for the good work anyways.

While we wait for the Cwicly team to implement option for disabling the icon, you can hide the icon via CSS:

#site-editor > div > div.edit-site-layout.is-full-canvas.is-edit-mode > div.edit-site-layout__header-container > div.interface-navigable-region.edit-site-layout__header > div > div.edit-site-header-edit-mode__end > div > div.interface-pinned-items > button:nth-child(3){
display: none;

I use WPCodebox and I insert snippet to the WP Admin Header

and target the site editor: