Disabling Gutenberg styles

Hello, I can’t seem to find a simple way to do it inside Cwicly and the documentation is missing it too.
Any way to improve this experience?

Hi @AnthonyKeller,

Thanks for bringing that up. We’ll make sure to have that cleared up.
In the meantime, you can remove Gutenberg Global Styles by going to:

  • Cwicly Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Cwicly Optimisations → Remove WordPress Global Styles

Thank you for your help.

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Good point @AnthonyKeller.

There are block defaults that are also included inside that panel. But definitely an option we can/should provide.

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Merci Louis, je crois que tu parles français ?
The thing is we probably don’t need to build with normal gutenberg at all in many cases when Cwicly is here… the main reason being we want a clean interface for our clients not being overwhelmed and in the end for us as well !

Maybe something like this ?

And I would go as far as removing the Gut. navigator and even the tools (pencil icon) ?


Would all this be a stupid idea if plugins rely on those ? I don’t really think so myself as I am more into a sleek and meaningful interface.