Disable link (tag & attributes) when dynamic URL is empty


Sometimes I use a repeater and I would like some items to be links, and others no, conditioned for instance by a non empty ACF text/URL subfield.

Currently, when a block’s dynamic URL is empty (non existing or empty ACF subfield), the <a> tag is used anyway, and href, rel and target attributes are set, which is very confusing for visitor, since link appearance is used (styling/cursor/hover effect/etc) and link is actually active (leading to current page).

I think when dynamic URL is empty/not set/null/not valid, block should remain unmodified (a div stays a div, a p stays a p…).

For backward compatibility issues, it might not be good to set this as default behavior, but there could be a toggle in block’s link popup to fallback to no link if URL is empty.

Thanks for considering this.