Direct link to view library

Is there a direct link to view the Cwicly library?

A simple index / nav here ( would work.


This has already been confirmed to be available at some point.

I think the soon arriving filter block is required for this.
Wouldn’t expect it before the release of the the new iteration of the design library/importer.

Will be an essential part of Cwicly which I am looking forward to as well.

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I enjoy watching the Thursday design playlist on your YouTube channel. As a new customer, only started yesterday, but noticed is landing on a Site Currently Unavailable page. I also watched your Cloud design library video, so I know that has been released.

What is the plan for hosting your featured designs like Site Currently Unavailable (

Hello @Anthony,

Great to have you here!

Indeed, the Design Library has evolved quite a bit since this first request.

While you can instantly preview/use all elements and coming templates in the new design library, a website that regroups all Cwicly designs is planned, although not set at high priority.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause on your end. I’d love to hear about you’re experience scrolling through the design library inside the editor if you have time.

Hi @Louis,

I am happy to be here and onboarding Cwicly.

The design videos are very inspiring and helpful. They show how each design is done, so having them available is nice, but as you say, not a priority.

I’m going to run through a site A to Z to get the feeling. So, I’ll go through the first run using the design library and will be happy to share my experience.

All the best.