Difficult to navigate admin from theme editor

I know that these are new changes to the Cwicly themer and I have been trying to hold off on sharing my thoughts in favor of giving the changes a chance but i need to say that I find the new navigation for the themer admin to be a little problematic.

Specifically, when you are in editing a template navigating back to most of the places I would want to go takes 4 clicks. And I do this many times a session.

I like the idea of the shortcuts that appear on the third screen but to my mind they should probably appear on the first screen AND they should include:

  • Dashboard
  • Cwicly Settings (for regenerating html & css)
  • and maybe even a shortcut to plugins but the first two for sure

Of course, if I am missing an easier way to get where I am going short of editing the url in my browser please let me know!





@smontreuil That is Wordpress Core not Cwicly I believe

hmmmm, ok … I’m pretty certain that is used to work differently … I remember thinking that I appreciated how easy it was to get back to the admin area. But, of course, I could be completely wrong … maybe I will install an earlier version and try and figure out what the difference is.

You obviously just updated from Wordpress 6.1 to 6.2. That was the one of the changes. See Here

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@smontreuil Aye it’s a bit counter intuitive, it would be nice to be able to back to the Themer page without so many additional steps.

Well that kind of sucks :joy::rofl:. They are calling it more streamlined but I have to disagree. It is probably better if you are just using vanilla gutenburg to build your theme but I find it is really tripping up my process within Cwicly.

Thanks for the link @hopscotch

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Aye its a wee bit mad maybe the lads (Cwicly) can sort something out with the flow. I usually have a temper and click like twenty times till I’m out haha :joy:
I think if we could access all our pages including the custom ones on the second screen that shows only the default pages then it would be sound :nerd_face:


Thought the exact same thing today and was also not sure if I’m getting that concept correctly @smontreuil.
The one click back-to-themer was a Cwicly modification which I really appreciated.
If I recall correctly, it is/was not possible to hook into the navigation and add some shortcuts.

Now, getting out of a template and returning to the themer is a real mess.
As a workaround, or different approach, working inside a separate tab might help.


I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one having a little fit with all the clicking :sunglasses:

I am definitely hoping that @Louis and friends may be able to sort something out.

I agree, if there were appropriate links on the second page (first?) of clicks then it would feel more manageable. One of the things I liked about Elementor was that there were shortcut keys that allowed you to navigate easily to pages, templates, admin etc … right from the design screen. Something like that would be slick (but not necessary at this stage of development).

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Hi there everyone,

Agreed, the new Editor setup is a bit tedious… (Also, those animations should not have been included).
This is all geared towards keeping you inside the Site Editor, where all your theme making is done.

We have been looking at a few possibilities on our side since 6.2’s release.
I’d love to know if you’re finding yourself returning to the dashboard quite often to access the Cwicly Themer? If so, would you find it useful to access it directly within the Editor?


@Louis The Cwicly Themer because of its optical presentation I favour dealing with. The option of returning directly to the Themer instead of multiple WordPress menus I would much prefer😀


I agree with @hopscotch.

The new themer came just in time and is really well done, plus fortunately makes the core interface kind of redundant.
For me, there are only 2 instances - themer and template.

So an option to skip everything in between would be :+1:


Hey there @Louis

The things I would love to have quick access to from the Cwicly Editor are:

  • Cwicly Settings (for regenerating html/css, dealing with fonts etc…)
  • Cwicly Themer
  • Wordpress dashboard

Also, I am not sure what you mean by this:

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Ahhh, ok. Thanks @Marius !

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