Did you change the Query Template Masonry in


after the last update, my query template was displayed on 1 column rather than 7,
after regenerating all Blocks and Globals, it was displayed back to 7 columns but the col gap disappeared (or was set to 0), after setting it back, while the layout is set to Masonry, it looks just like a grid.
When playing around with the Query Template block, (auto grid/etc…) it would change the result of the query (on both front and back end) but still, I can’t get a Masonry anymore, just a grid instead.

Is there anyone else encountering the same thing?



Hello @JuGa,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the masonry layout.

The masonry logic was changed, but no properties should be affected in the change as only styles (generated) and frontend logic have been modified.
Can you make sure you have cleared your cache server-side and client-side?


Well I even checked with another browser and it is the same, so I don’t think it is a cache issue.

Also, I have the feeling that when regenerating CSS the Query template / grid / row and column gaps got swapped, does that seem possible?


I don’t think that’s possible.
We don’t modify properties when regenerating HTML/CSS. All we do is modify the render string for the block.
CSS regeneration on its own doesn’t even affect the block as it only generates CSS content for .css saving.

Do you have a link I can maybe check?

We’ll agree that you have to untoggle the masonry option to access these properties?

Yes I did uncheck Masonry to change the parameters
you can see the grid here (which was a Masonry before the update and is still set as masonry)

Thank you for the link, @JuGa.
I can confirm the issue when gap values are not set.

This will be fixed in the next update, apologies for the trouble.

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Thank you,

so yes, by adding the value of 0 to the gap, I do get the Masonry layout back!

So still, during the last update, after regenerating all the html/css all the masonry gap values were reset to no value, which brought that issue.

As always, thank you!


If so, can you try regenerating to see if the issue persists (on a dev installation if you have the possibility?).
I can’t reproduce this behaviour on my side.


I just tried regenerating blocks and nothing changed, so all good on that side (ouf!)
So I assume that it happened during the update if that makes sense to the changes you made.


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Hi @JuGa,

Thanks for the report.
This should be fixed in

If you encounter any issue related to this, I’d be grateful if you could let me know by replying to this thread.