Detection of data inserter by SEO Plugin

Hi! To clarify something. I am using Rankmath for this site.

For the page, I have added a query template. I used data inserter for the post title and post excerpt.

As it is showing post_title and post_excerpt. So, I’m not sure if RankMath detects the text of the dynamic tag or if it detects its actual data.

Any ideas? :wink:


Hi there @jornes,

Good question.
Currently, RankMath will only see ‘post_title’ and ‘post_excerpt’ as this is how it is saved (RankMath looks at the saved HTML data).

I have a few ideas on how to circumvent this, but don’t have a specific ETA as to when it will be addressed nor have any solution to fix it temporarily.

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Thanks, Louis!

Curious that, if rendering the dynamic tag to actual data helps the detection?