Design Library

Can anybody tell me where to find in the new Library the headers, the footers, etc.
I am bit lost…

I assume new elements will be added frequently.
The old ones were all created with the block defaults, so they don’t make much sense anymore the way they were built initially.

Was wondering about this, myself.

ok! Thank you @Marius
I can’t imagine how much the new users can be lost to start a project!

The feedback has been very positive from new users.

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To add to this, we’re adding around 10 new elements/designs everyday.


Who is designing these layouts? Araminta? These designs are very refreshing and new. I am sick of seeing too basic layouts with page builders and template sellers. It feels like the designs are coming from a great artist.


Hi @Louis
The system is fantastic and I can read the positive comments.
In the other hand,I can’t imagine the volume of work you do.
This was just a comment because I was looking for a template that I didn’t found → not a bad feedback on the new design.

Glad to hear that. The templates are so awesome. So modern.


Yes @dranzer, we’re very lucky to have @Araminta :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!

The reason the headers (more specifically) haven’t been provided yet is that we’re finishing the “save layout” function that is necessary when using multiple separate blocks (modal etc…)

@weedor you are right. Unfortunately, the pressure was there to get the design library out as soon as possible, which meant that some finishing features weren’t quite stable. All is in the works.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Was just thinking, it’d be cool to be able to sort by ‘date added’ to easily find new elements.


Good point @sunny.
It also would be interesting to know how the popular section works in detail.

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