Deleting styles and classes in the cloud library

I’m not sure if this is a bug, intentional, or an oversight on my part, so I figured I’d put it in the feedback section for now.

I have added some global styles, classes, and stylesheets to my cloud library, but I can’t see any way to delete them once they’re there. I can delete all of the layouts I save, but not those other things.

Is this possible? I mostly work in Safari, so I haven’t looked at it in other browsers yet, so it could be something specific to Safari.

Hello @msguerra74,

Are you sure you’re accessing the global styles, classes and stylesheets from your private library key?

Every item in the library works the same way, that is if you can privately access the item, you can delete by clicking on the trash icon.

Otherwise, it does seem unusual as I’ve just tested this on multiple libraries and can remove the different items without any problem.

Oops, you’re right… I was logged in with a private key on one test site and a public key on the other, so that was the problem. Sorry about that!

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