Default font-family

I start a new site and I want to know if it is possible to define a default font-family for the whole site (header, content and footer).
I set a font-family in global Style (Roboto Flex) but there is no effect when I add a new paragraph.

Have I to add some css or any other way?

Noone to give me a clue?

Hi @weedor, where in the Global styles did you set the default font?

Like this or differently?:

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 22.52.30

Also, did you use the font manager and if so, did you use locally downloaded fonts or Google external ones?

Hi @StrangeTech
I used the font manager and I downloaded Roboto Flex font (and activated it).
It is exactly the same as the image you posted above.

I think I found where the issue come from.
I exported a section from an old site (also build with Cwicly) where I set the font to “Apple;…”
The default font in this site is set via a snippet written with “Code Snippet”.
I imported this section in the new site and the headings and paragraphs (with no font set) keeps the font define via the snippet.
Strange behavior!
A heading or a pargraph create from scratch in the new site display Roboto Flex font (setting of Global Settings) as expected.