Cwicly's heading block crashes when going back from code mode after some change

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Cwicly’s heading block crashes when going back from code editor after some change has been made.

It is OK if going back WITHOUT any edit.
It is OK with Cwicly’s paragraph block.
it is OK with Gutenberg’s heading block.

Note that the right title appears under the notification, but when I click on recover button, the previous version of the block is restored.

This is particularly annoying when we need to add some non-breaking space or any HTML entity, since we don’t have a kind of raw html content box for text blocks.


Please, this is very needed… :pray:

Hi @yankiara,

Apologies for not responding sooner, thank you for bringing it back up!

Unfortunately this ‘bug’ is out of our control as Gutenberg doesn’t provide all the necessary attributes to correctly modify some Cwicly blocks when in HTML mode.
This is why it returns the error when switching views.

Rest assured, block recovery will apply correctly but will escape HTML characters.

I recommend you make changes to your heading block directly from the visual mode or use a code block.