Cwicly Roadmap

Just to let you know that an official roadmap is now available at

Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think.

Have a good one!


It’s look fantastic, especially Figma integration. Can’t wait!


Yes, Figma integration sounds very interesting!

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Thanks for adding, this is really helpful.
Seeing all this upcoming stuff listed on a single screen, so glad to be on board :heart_eyes:

Totally not necessary but a bonus, maybe link all cards to their related forum topics?
Could guide roadmap visitors to this place they might not know about or collect additional feedback from existing users.

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i really would suggest you slow the new function, but fix all the bugs and improve the exist functions,
make it perfect, not good, cwicly is very good things than other plugin, but you need let some one know it, the cheapest someone is the users which you have now, if you make them feel perfect, not anonny, the future will come for sure.

now part: is very good.
soon part: also perfect
i do not think too much future part is needed before get now part, and soon part perfect.

Hi @qiang814k,

I’m sorry you feel this way.
We do our best in trying to fix the bugs as they come up, while also bringing new features to the table.

I also would like to point out that quite a few points in our Roadmap are specifically targeted towards improving existing features.

Please let me know what specific points are lacking for you.

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since my English is not vey good, i want to say, do not get wrong! first, cwicly is fantastic , it is the game changer plugin, I believe cwicly team will get success, this is no doubt. i will be very proud to use it.

i used elementor pro, acf, astra bundle life time, oceanwp pro, GenerateBlocks,, toolset etc…, for now i think cwicly is best, i will give one long email to you about my feelings after i get this project done, hope it will be helpful .

I can’t confirm what @qiang814k stated, since my experiences are different:

My impression, observing Cwicly for the past 8 months, the progression is very balanced.

This means that most areas receive all the required attention.
It’s not focused on pushing new feature after feature.
I would say it’s focused on constantly improving as a whole.

The Roadmap is community driven, the most voted and requested main features get addressed with priority.

I would never expect the development is done mainly by a single person.
Hopefully this will change soon, not only for scaling purposes.

If there is a point I had to criticize, the progress of the interaction feature is not what I’d like to see. Not much happened and the UX got even worse.
I already addressed that and received prompt feedback which explained the current situation.

Most bugs get addressed in an instant and they really do their best in providing a working tool.

I had hard times as well, facing bugs and missing features/functionality.
There were very(!) frustrating moments.
But I never had real doubts, because I share their vision and trust the team.

Now, Cwicly has reached the point where users are able to build complex websites - design and functionality wise - in a very productive way. Everything in less than a year.

Yes, there are still (unknown) bugs and there always will be. It’s a software, which, in addition, is built on another software.

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