Cwicly Multilanguage

Hey, I have been reading throw the site, but still not sure what will be the best option to go with Cwicly multilanguage?

  • Suggest any plugin which works great?
  • Suggest to use multi-site?

Thank you,

Hi @petrbilek,

WPML is a well established option that the Cwicly team has done a lot of work to make compatible.

We are using it on one Cwicly site that will be released in the next 2 weeks and haven’t encountered any significant issues yet.

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Cool, also including the CMS work, or just static sites?

I use Polylang and it works perfectly for static or blog or CPTs.

(Free version is enough for most websites, but bear in mind it has a few limitations regarding URLs)

We are using all features with editable pages. Depending on your requirements WPML does offer auto-translation. With the paid plan you get a certain amount of free translation and then have to top this up if you reach the limit. There is no additional payment for manual translation and this works with any type of WP content.

I use TranslatePress (skipped WPML years ago), and it is great already with its free version (but bear in mind that SEO declarations could only be translated with its pro version). I like the translation is that easy, translated text is stored in the database instead duplicating pages, and translating even strings are no hurdle. And even if not everything is not translated, the functionality is given, so you can translate step by step your pages. The only disadvantage I see is, If text is changed, its translation has to be restored (and changed appropriately), otherwise it is not displaying in the foreign language(s), but it could be that with the payed version and it’s features this could be handled differently.