Cwicly & Blocksy Theme CSS issue

I’m using Cwicly plugin with Blocksy theme.

Added this code to functions.php file functions.php · GitHub

But the styles that I set in the editor doesn’t work on front-end.

Site is running locally on my W11 laptop and it’s same on macOS.

  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Blocksy Theme: 1.8.69
  • Blocksy Pro: 1.8.69

Is anyone there? Can’t seem to get an answer from support either.

Hey there @Grug,

It’s always best to contact the team at for these cases.
I’m sorry you haven’t had a reply.

Can you provide a bit more information as to why you’re using this specific function?
Post stylesheets are automatically loaded in Cwicly whenever you are accessing a post, so I’d be curious to know if you’re using this in a particular instance which would explain why styles aren’t being loaded.

I think I have emailed the support that I’ve found on on the footer. Support and Contact us have the same email contact [at] cwicly dot com

I used that because Blocksy provides that information on their website Content Blocks - Blocksy (

It was same without that function. I truly have no idea, why the issue occurs :slight_smile:

I can see the stylesheet is being loaded from Cwicly, but somehow it has low priority, maybe?

Thanks for the details.

Could you possibly re-send the temporary login information to our support team so that they can take a look at the specific page where this is happening?
Once we have that, we can find a solution for this specific issue.


Emailed Thanks.

Hello @Grug,

@JohnD let me in on the issues you were experiencing.

Has the latest update - - helped fix these?


Hey Louis,

Yes! Styles that I add in the Advanced tab are now working on front-end as well.


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@Louis, would it be possible to modify the code that Blocksy provides to load CSS files from Cwicly to have high priority than the theme’s main CSS file?

add_action('blocksy:pro:content-blocks:pre-output', function ($id) {
	if (is_admin() || ! $id) {

	$maybe_file_path = wp_upload_dir()[
	] . '/cwicly/css/cc-post-' . $id . '.css';

	if (file_exists($maybe_file_path)) {
			'cc-post-' . $id . '',
			wp_upload_dir()['baseurl'] . '/cwicly/css/cc-post-' . $id . '.css',