Cwicly block typography default presets

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Each newly inserted Cwicly paragraph/heading seems to have heading preset activated, which is a bit confusing.

I know it’s not really activated until right globe icon is pressed, but still, since there’s the blue indicator, I always wonder if it is applied and I reset it to be sure.

Besides, for a paragraph, heading is selected, which makes it even more misleading.
But maybe it is because most of the time the purpose is to style a paragraph as a title?

So in the end I think I would switch the blue indicator and display preset name only if globe icon is activated.


Hi @yankiara,

Good point about the Preset not showing the indicator until activated.

As for the selection, it isn’t really selecting the Heading block typography, but more so applying the first block typography element (which can be renamed), in this case Heading.

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I was a bit confused about that too, when I started with Cwicly. How about the following ideas:

  1. The naming “Block Typography” is irritating, as it is not some kind of BLOCK presetting, but just some custom presets of Typo variants, it is a bit similar to a color PALETTE. Could be named e.g. typography palette or something like this.
  2. just have the initial two typo sets “Heading” and “Paragraph” renamed to “Typography Type 1” and “Typography Type 2” with the preset of Cwicly

In addition: it might be even better to add the whole a level up to the “A” settings (with h1 to h6 etc.), that’s what it is about I think

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It’s actually named Global Block Typography.
That’s the perfect fit imo.

Yes, that would give beginners a better idea, without digging the docs first.

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