Custom separator

I couldn’t find how to add a custom separator. Is this possible or are we stuck with presets? I just want a clean curve for example without the additional opacity layers. Maybe this would need to be done with css? Must have feature if it’s not already.

Hi @Brendon,

Thank you for bringing this up!

While our presets offer a wide range of separator shapes that should suit most websites, we understand that you may have specific requirements.

Currently, the customisation possibilities are provided through the presets, but if they don’t meet your specific needs, you can definitely add some custom CSS to achieve the desired effect.
For example, if you prefer a clean curve without additional opacity layers, the following custom CSS can be utilised to achieve that:

.cc-separator-bottom-self path {
  fill-opacity: 1;

Rest assured, we’re planning to add separators without their opacity layers in the next few updates, giving you more minimal separators to choose from.

While we acknowledge that certain aspects may call for customisation, we believe our presets strike a balance between offering customisation options and providing guidance.

Nevertheless, we value your input, and if there are specific aspects you would like to have more control over, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.
By doing so, we may be able to incorporate those features, eliminating the necessity for a separate custom separator.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the detailed response Araminta. Very helpful, that css worked perfectly for what I wanted.

It would be great if there was a way to add a custom design however. Even if it was pasting in code like with Oxygen: Shape Dividers - Oxygen

For an advanced builder like Cwicly I’d rather not hit a wall where I’m forced to use a template for anything. I work with brands and each have their own design language so even something like this can actually have a big effect. For example one brand I work with have an earthy design language and the website has many separators. I made a custom painted one that has a huge effect on the overall design. Completely different vibe to a clean one for example. See attached.

Thanks again

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