Custom Pseudo-Class


I was frustrated when I created first-child and last-child pseudo-classes.

I clicked on that particular block(or div) > Clicked on my global classes to make it active for styling > created a first-child or last-child


End up; I get this message. I already created the pseudo-class, but it says the pseudo-class does not exist for the block I was creating.

Am I missing anything? Thank you!

Hello @jornes,

Thanks for the report. This is indeed a bug.
When working from the block inspector for Global Classes, if the block itself doesn’t have the pseudo added to it, then the message will appear without any route for exit.
Will be fixed in the next update.


Thank you for confirming this, @Louis

And I have sent you a direct message with the temp access link. Not sure if you have already checked on it. The broken class .,.main__title makes the colour not apply to the heading.

Hi @jornes,

This particular issue should be fixed in 1.2.4.
Thanks for the report.
If you still experience it, please let us know by replying to this thread.


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Hi @Louis
Thank you for the fixes! It works great now! :blush:

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Thanks, @jornes for letting me know :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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