Custom Post Type to replace Tribe events

Hey there, I posed this question to @Louis in a DM as well but will put it out there to the community to see if anyone has done something similar.

We are in the process of a site re-design, and we’ve had quite a drama trying to migrate event post data (from The Events Calender-Tribe events) over to the new WordPress database. We’re fed up with the plug-in anyway, as it has caused many problems over the years we have used it, and although useful in ways, we would like to try and figure out a creative alternative. Especially considering that Tribe Events have not developed the newest (quite major) version of the plugin for FSE.

So we are considering refactoring the Tribe Events posts into a new “event” custom post type, then redesigning the templates and logic with the Cwicly themer, ACF, filters, and conditions.

Would it be correct to assume we could realize the following three features with ACF + Cwicly + JetSmartFilters (or some other filter):

  1. Based on the Start date and End date custom fields, display event archive (dates before today) and upcoming events (dates today and future).
  2. Dynamically filter posts in the posts query based on dates, taxonomy, and other custom field-based field values.
  3. Display ACF-based dates and other ACF field values on the front end on the Event Archive / Upcoming events pages?

Anyone’s thoughts on the viability of this will be greatly appreciated!

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We ditched the events calendar for modern events calendar by webnus a few years ago. Much better, but still we prefer something better.

A native way of doing it within cwicly would be most ideal, perhaps without using 3rd party plugins like jet, etc.

Perhaps if you find a way you could monetize it on the cwicly library? Just a thought!

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@penatech we also considered moving off to modern events calendar at one point, but they had a very half-assed integration with WooCommerce that didn’t really match the customizations that we had. And we didn’t want to further develop. But we’d like to completely move away from all of these events, plug-ins all together. We spent the better part of today and yesterday trying to figure out a couple of solutions through Cwickly for custom post types, but we’re actually having a much bigger problem right now trying to get a header to show on the site! We’re about to create a screen cast for support.

I hear you. Not a woocommerce fan myself, so I shy away from e-commerce sites whenever possible. Lots of really bad implementations out there.

Having a native solution is much better, however I am not entirely sure it is there in Cwicly at the moment without having to do more ACF magic, perhaps through php coding as well.

I am no coder so perhaps Louis or some gurus here can point you to a better solution.

On another note, there is a discussion on Metabox’s forums about doing an event calendar using metabox only. So far the metabox team has not really replied, but other people have come up with a solution so maybe that might point you in the right direction.


@penatech thanks for the tip on meta-box. Will check it out.

I see I can use Events Calendar Custom Fields ( )

to make a great design of events with Cwicly. Only problem is: Tribe has 3 CPT’s for their events. Can’t have them all in 1 query, and while that is not so bad, I can only use 1 CPT in a single event template. Anyone has experience with using these custom fields from The Events Calendar?