Custom HTML tags

From old feedback: Custom HTML tags | Cwicly

I think this is essential.
Any Cwicly block needs to have a full list of HTML tags we can apply.

In addition, we need an option to set a custom tag for all blocks. This means full freedom in terms of semantically correct and clean HTML. The current state is kind of restrictive.

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I really wish this will be a thing soon.
As long as there isn’t the opportunity to build sites with 100% valid and semantic html, there is no chance for me to start real projects, contribute to the community or whatever.

Not sure why nobody cares about that, also only 3 votes on the old forum.
Just wanted to build a component and realized again it isn’t even possible, unless you just throw <div>'s all over the place and don’t care. But that’s not something I would ever consider.
Quite frustrating after all the time, I have to admit.
Yes, there were improvements made. But that’s not enough.

Could I start out and just select the proper tags as soon as they are vailable? Yeah, sure.
Will I?

The latest update 1.1.3 addresses this I think!

Feel free to let me know if we missed something :wink:

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That’s absolutely amazing, thanks a lot for finally addressing it. Really solves a couple of problems at once! :partying_face:
It’s actually a smart approach to offer a complete list instead of a full custom solution.
This will prevent the user from (unintentional) errors.

Custom HTML Tags are valid too but I am not sure if there is a solid use case for them. Custom HTML Tags