Custom dashboard template - is this available using Cwicly?

I have moved to Cwicly from Elementor and am very happy that I did but I am struggling to replicate an important part of my workflow. For each client I normally create a custom dashboard with important information, ways to contact me and tutorial videos. It was easy to replace the existing dashboard with this template using Whitelabel CMS but I can’t find any equivalent option for replacing the default dashboard with a Gutenberg-based template.

Has anybody successfully dealt with this scenario? Any suggestions?

Try UiPress

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@avunu You beat me to it by a minute; aye UIPress 3.0

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Ohhhh, you guys are AWESOME!

Thank you @avunu and @hopscotch

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Branda – White Label WordPress, Custom Login Page Customizer – WordPress plugin |


Branda Pro - White Label your WordPress Websites - WPMU DEV

Consider using their hosting also - both for their all-round features - but mostly due to their support.