Current wisdom regarding setting up global styles

If I want to use some classes and variables for global layout and styling is the best approach to add a style sheet? Or is it better to manually update global styles in the option tabs? I’m thinking that using a style sheet is the way to go, but am asking in case I’m missing anything.

You can use either, but I often have it in a stylesheet - especially if it’s something like base styling that I’ll use across multiple sites.


Thanks. That is what I’ve done also.

There maybe another option after the Tailwind integration.

I used to maintain a list of global classes, but find it much faster and easier to add it to a global stylesheet within Cwicly. This way you can organize and find things a bit easier and, it makes it more portable if you ever need to move those styles somewhere else.

Another benefit of using Cwicly’s global stylesheets over something like WPCodeBox, is that Cwicly autoprefixes the code! As far as I’ve seen, with the exception of a few older plugins and CoreFramework, it’s the only option if you want to use SCSS and have everything autoprefixed. Plus, it’s built right into Cwicly. If you’re using Cwicly along with another builder, like Bricks, then you kind of have to forego the autoprefixing magic unless you’re also using CoreFramework.

I actually like CoreFramework except for the fact that they don’t offer an area to add raw CSS. Once they do that, which I read somewhere that they are, then I’ll probably switch over to that so things are more accessible in other places.

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Good info. Thanks. When the Core Framework was first released there was a bit of UI corruption of the Cwicly options. I’m assuming that was resolved.

I remember that too, but haven’t tried again since then.