Current Author related ACF Fields

Displaying acf fields (on single posts templates) added on the authors profiles (user profiles) doesn’t seem to work.
To be tested for example with an extra image (not gravatar) or an extra bio.

They work if I wrap them inside a query (that inherits query from url) but I guess they should work directly.

Hello @alex,

This should be fixed in

If you still experience trouble, please let us know by replying in this thread.

Thanks for the report!

Still doesn’t seems to work. It appears undefined in the frontend. (for the acf image field, I tried array and also image url as return option)
Also could we have the current author option appear in the background image dynamic fields option?

Have you re-saved the post/regenerated HTML?

Yep, I did that.
(extra caracter to reach 20)

Tested on our side and can’t seem to reproduce an issue with author related fields.
Could you possibly send temporary access to so we can take a look at this and see what’s going wrong?