CSS Reset option?

From old feedback: CSS Reset option? | Cwicly

This isn’t a bug per se, but there are a few Cwicly elements that have default CSS values applied. I understand why this is, as you want to make the tool accessible to those who aren’t very technical.

Could there be an option to reset all of these at the beginning? An advanced mode, if you will? For those of us who like complete control over our designs.

The main examples being the Section element, which has 150px as padding-top and padding-bottom. I haven’t seen any option to set this to something else.

I’ve noticed that adding a border does this as well. I have to specifically set borders to 0 to reset them.

Overall, it’s a bit tedious having to override the default values each time. With each version update, the sections (especially) go back to using the default values.