CSS priority after update

So after yesterday’s update, something weird happened on one installation:

Regenerated and re-saved everything. Nothing helped.
Could someone hint me what possibly happened and how to fix it before rolling back and update again?

Hello @Marius,

This does seem unusual.

Is this happening throughout your installation?
On templates and posts?

Any caching plugins that might be re-ordering?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Louis, thanks for the feedback.

Just sent an email with more details.

Hello @Marius,

Thank you very much.
Indeed, there is an issue with the last update, although I can’t reproduce it consistently.
Will have a quick fix in a couple of hours.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Thank you for addressing this instantly @Louis. Much appreciated.
No issues so far with the latest update.


Thank you for spotting this one, @Marius, and thank you for confirming that it seemingly is fixed in the latest update.

The issue was introduced with the Post Content block now including the related stylesheet of the content if necessary (for posts inside a Query block for example).
Strangely enough it didn’t appear in our tests.

Sorry for the inconvenience!