CSS issues in backend

Struggling with a number of CSS issues for the past day on a multisite installation. There are a lot of little buggy things that’s making it really tough to troubleshoot where the problems lie.

Among the issues I’m facing:

  • Backend not rendering any styles from global stylesheets.
  • CSS stylesheet changes not updated on frontend (sometimes works after a HTML/CSS regen)



Console errors on the backend:

A separate (?) issue is that I am repeatedly having to remove default values on repeater (min-height: 100px), and the gallery (min-height: 300px). I am unsure if that is related, or not.

Site address: https://wordpressmu-743314-2762679.cloudwaysapps.com

The other sites on the MU do not have this issue.

  • WordPress version: 6.1 / Multisite build (main site)
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Hi @owynter,

That error usually means that your CSS is not valid, which will in turn stop the verification/minification process. I’m sure that there are highlights in your global stylesheets where something is going wrong… Might want to give that a look.

If they appear in the properties, those are defaults that we have chosen to keep. Might be best to open a feature request/discussion in this case, as it is normal behaviour.

Found the error. It was a copy-paste error on my end. :man_facepalming:t5:.

Okay, hopefully with the previous resolution, it will not keep resetting itself. I will monitor.

Moving this to General as the issues are not Cwicly-based.