Creation of a Facebook group

It would be a good thing to create a facebook group to give some help to cwicly users by cwicly users

This is exactly why this forum exists, right?
I think there is already a dedicated place here:

Beyond that, there is already an official Cwicly Facebook Community.

Feel free to join.
I think it is intended to shift the main focus from FB (which already exists a bit) to this forum, which makes sense since on this place are a lot of more possibilities.

But you are right.
Surely, there are people on Facebook which won’t come over here, so the group will still be relevant in my opinion.

My mistake: I didn’t do a search in facebook, I just saw the link to the FB page on the website.
So I join it.

A facebook group gives more possibilities to find some help, when you face a problem you don’t know the solution.
I thought this forum was just a technical place for bugs and new stuffs, not for help.

No worries, glad I could help.
Adding the link of the Facebook group would help to grow the community, as it seems.
Also there is still the old board linked, but I am sure this will be fixed soon as well.

Originally this was actually the case.
Fortunately, we received a place on the Discourse platform a couple of days ago, which I highly appreciate.
This place will cover everything about Cwicly, and I am sure many things will be added as the community grows.

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So, why not adding a new category named “help wanted”?, to be clear.

A separate category would make sense.

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