Creating new classes

When creating new classes, such as:
global classes, relative styling (class) selectors, etc.

The dropdown always prefills existing classes in my current input field in case the class names match until this point.
When hitting enter, not the newly created class is entered, some existing class is.
This is so annoying, especially with classes that don’t get saved in the dropdown like virtual classes and the system tries to select existing block or global classes.

For example, there are 20 existing classes which start with “current-class”.
Now I need a virtual class, named “current”. I need to scroll down all the existing classes to create the new one. The delete key also does nothing (to clear the dropdown suggestions).

Default behaviour should always be → creating “class-I-just-entered”
In case I want to select an existing one, I’m free to select it from the dropdown or write it out.
How big is the chance the prefilled class is exactly the one someone needs?
Doesn’t make sense to me.