Create custom UI with Cwicly for login page?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if it were possible to adjust and change the UI of the login page of a wordpress site?
I’m hoping to create a site with content just for logged in users. For example I wouldn’t want the Wordpress dashboard to show after login but straight to homepage if that makes sense.

I guess this is something to consider when the form builder made its way to Cwicly.
There is a related suggestion already.

I’d really like to create fully flexible login pages with Cwicly at some point, so I’ll leave my vote here.

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I saw that thread indeed, wasn’t entirely sure if login form meant the same. But now I know. You say ‘when the form builder made its way,’ but it’s not here yet right?

It’s on the roadmap, but it was stated that it’s not a priority, as there are alternative (plugin) solutions available.

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makes sense. i did indeed find some plugins that would also do part of the job

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There are a few free plugins you can use. You can create custom pages as normal, and then add the redirects for login/logout.

Here’s my example: Login - Anguilla Compliance Association

I used Theme My Login to set up the redirects, but a few code snippets could also do the trick.

And, of course, you can design all of those pages as you’d like.