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Hi Cwiclies :slight_smile:
i am happy to see that it is posssible to for example copy a whoel section and paste it into another project, another domains setup…but some stuff becomes lost or being removed. See belove that CSS stuff you see there is labled afterwards with “removed”…is it possible to transfer those css and other possible missing stuff manually again? is there a list what kind of stuff is being transfered propery and what now? is there any progress on those copy-features or even a roadmap? or is there another way we should accomplish this? copy-and-paste is the most easy way in our opinion…
one more question: if we copy a section or any other layer/element…and what happens if the ID or CSS name of that element matched to an existing one at the other project where we paste into? i see that the IDs already are changed automatically right? so possible connections built with CSS JS and all becomes lost right?

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Please see the following thread:

Hi Dan,
that is awesome to read about those strategical things and concepts to find ones own way - great, thanx a lot!

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