Convenience of input in fields. Grid Builder

I realise that there are more important things to do, but from the little things the overall impression and convenience is formed).

  1. In input fields, when I press TAB, I expect the cursor to jump to the next field. But the cursor jumps first to the status indicator, then to the cell value, and then to the next field. It is very inconvenient to press 3 times.
  2. Activate Shift as an alternative to the lock label (which combines all fields). Example: if the lock is not enabled and enter 3rem and press Shift+Enter, all fields are filled in and the lock is activated. If the lock is enabled and enter 3rem and press Shift+Enter then only the current field is filled in and the lock is disabled. It would also be convenient to Shift + pull with the mouse.
  3. In the input fields if you press ALT/Option and pull the mouse then the value changes in two cells up-down, left-right, it is convenient. I would like the value from one cell inserted into the second cell when you press ALT + Enter. Example: put 3rem in cell TOP, press ALT+Enter and 3rem is put in Bottom. Also if the lock is on but we press ALT+Enter we fill only neighbouring cells and turn off the lock.
  4. Border - if you switch off the lock and enter a value in one of the boxes and leave other fields empty, then when publishing instead of empty cells there will be a 1px border and you have to manually set 0px. I think this needs to be corrected, if I don’t put anything it is 0 and not 1.
  5. Grid builder - the builder window does not fit more than 11 columns, scroll bar appears and the window cannot be expanded.

These mechanics are not new, some of them are used in Figma, some in other builders.