Content Field for :before is missing

In other builders, we will normally see this content field when we are styling for a before pseudo-class. But, when I select :before in Cwicly, I don’t see such a field in Cwicly. Or has it been hidden somewhere else?

Without this field, I can’t get the styling for :before pseudo-class to work properly.

You can find it here:


Ah! I didn’t notice it there. Thanks a lot! @Marius

Hi @Marius

I have a question.

I am doing the same thing in Cwicly, but it didn’t work. I give space to the pseudo content(this is how I make it work in another builder. I did the same in Cwicly but couldn’t make it work. Not sure what I am missing.

Hey @jornes, it’s like you would write your own CSS.

So these are your options, I guess:


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Wow…didn’t expect it. I used to work with those builders that don’t need this ( " " ).

Thank you! It worked now. Cheers!!

Glad I could help @jornes.

Just a quick tip, don’t think “option wise” with Cwicly.
It’s a pretty native experience so if you get stuck with something, ask yourself first:
How would I write it by myself (HTML and CSS wise)?

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Yes. Honestly, I like how Cwicly does. This way reminds me of how I wrote my CSS old days. Haha


It’s as close to code as you can get without having to write it all yourself. And I’m not even an experienced dev or anything.

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