Content copy paste

hi all,
the main part after all that technical stuff is to fill in the contents, diverse contents formatted stuff, stuff from other html-fragments or just some boldes paragraph-driven text…to copy paste this is a absolute desaster i cant work in this way…unpredictable results and so on…is there a way to open just a old-school input textarea field so we can just add bigger content parts without that gutenberg cwicly huzzle?

thanx so much

Hi @Timo,

You can add arbitrary HTML using a Cwicly Code block. This is not recommended for normal page content that can be represented with Cwicly blocks but if you absolutely need to paste in HTML, it will work.

Note: you will need to enable the use of PHP/JS/CSS in the Cwicly Settings to be able to use these.

ok i see…yes we need this we came from native website development :slight_smile: use a lot of snippets with huge Javascript native stuff :wink: but what we also need is to fill in copy-past or copy-paste-unformatted text content maingly designedf by clients in MS words (hahahahaha) like list-items bold text and so on but if copy this i get a lot of unusable elements nested and stuff…

This is a tricky one for any builder, we all know how unoptimised the markup in word documents can be.

Due to this, we tend to give our clients a training and show them how to “cleanse” the markup before pasting it.

It is just an unfortunate reality of working with tools like Word that are based more on presentation than optimisation.

There is no quick-fix that I know of other than to (in some cases) Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V to paste without formatting or to copy/paste into a plain-text document first.

One thing I will say, pasting without cleansing the markup can have unwanted negative side-effects that are trickier to deal with later, so in our experience it’s better to remove the problem as early as possible to facilitate a cleaner workflow.

If you roll back to WordPress core 6.2.2. a new paragraph block will be created for every paragraph you copied from Word. Also headlines and lists work well. Somehow it got messy with Cwicly after. If you don’t want to roll back the core version, you can select Cwicly’s paragraph block as default block. This will also help with the copy-paste issue from Word.

I posted this also in the bug topic: Copy paste issue - #3 by Trpr0423

yes i know we also use the shortcut for pasting withtout (almost) unformatted stuff…what makes me a bit sad is: even if i copy from one already cleansed and formatted cwicly paragraph and paste it to another empty new paragraph the outcome is different…there i can not really rely on the procedure…we also use for example UX Builder…while its concept is outdated and that builder ist not really maintained anymore…its copy and paste, its core textarea and content fields work stable and without at least the same results procedure-wise…

thanx so much