Confused on how to work with Cwicly's Themer

Hi there

These are extremely basic issues.
I am confused on how the Themer works:

  1. The Templates actually are shown in the pages (that’s not what I would expect from a template).
  2. It looks like those pages are completely independent from WP “Pages”.
  3. Is there a way to actually use Templates when adding a new page/post?

Thanks for illuminating me about such a basic problem… :wink:

Hey there @Paolo.

Maybe this can you give a solid starting point to understand the Themer a bit better:

Slightly different context, but same topic, so don’t get confused.

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Thanks Marius

That takes care of using Global Parts and Parts.
But how do you use whole page Templates?

What if I create a template in Themer for my blog posts. How do I use ? Same thing goes for pages. What if I want to create several landing pages based on the same template?

I cannot find anything once I add a new page/post to choose from. Do I miss something?

Thanks a lot. I am still confused.

Hey @Paolo.

You can select your template individually per page/post/etc. here:

You can also apply them conditionally from the Themer itself, see the eye icon.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Marius


Of course…

But in my case I cannot choose from the different templates.
It seems to be taking the index page as the only reference. Is there an additional setting?
All visibility conditions are empty.

Thanks a lot!

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 07.52.18

I do have a homepage set in Themer. Which is actually already visible and live. This page does not show in my WP pages tab.
That confuses me the most.

Hi there @Paolo,

I do believe that default FSE (Full Site Editing) templates are not available in that dropdown.
You’ll want to create a custom one for anything you want to specifically apply to a post/page.

But you might also want to take a look at the Cwicly Themer’s conditions which should help you in targeting more globally.

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