Comprehensive quickstart guide

Hey Cwicly Team,

I’ve been playing with Cwicly a bit lately and it’s great. One thing I find missing though is a comprehensive guide on how to use the tool the way “it’s supposed to be used”. We’re spending a lot of time hacking it / trying to figure it out. The tool itself evolved a lot since the first quick start video you made.

So I think that an important ressource going forward would be a Cwicly Academy, a way for new users to learn and go from zero to expert following your tutorials (ex: how to create a category page, how to create an header…).


Same sentiments here. I understand creating a guide might be low priority given the number of updates and changes to be made, but having a big picture flow on where to start and what’s the recommended order to start creating a simple website would be great. I don’t mind hacking it myself, but a guided hacking would be great e.g. don’t bother messing around with X if you haven’t explored Y. Or even linking to an external resource or course to jumpstart would be ok with me.

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