Component Default Image Loading Error

Hi there,

for a component where an image has a default value, the image is not displayed in the frontend and the name of the default image is displayed instead.

You can check the corresponding bug report here:

Now when I select an image, everything is fine and the image loads properly in the frontend.
Now when I reload the page in the frontend, I see the name of the default image pop up for a split second before the selected image is loaded.

My Gif XD (13)

Will try to confirm this on a clean install later.


Hi @T-low,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce this error on my end.

To investigate this further, I have set up a demo instance.
Please log in with this, and see the Image comp page.

Feel free to modify anything, to see if the error is reproducible.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Araminta, thank you for the help :heart:

I tried everything I could think of, but I couldn’t reproduce the error. I don’t know what it was, but it doesn’t happen anymore for me. Everything is back to normal, I can even see Images again :sweat_smile:


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Thank you for letting me know, @T-low :slight_smile:

I’ll move this thread to General for now, but if you do happen to stumble across this issue again, please don’t hesitate to let us know by replying to this.

Thank you!

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