Columsn setup disappears in mobile viewport

Hi All,

when i click to narrow the editors viewport to mobile view or manually to narrow mobile…some (or all?) settings of a column disappear in the editor tabs…in my example below two screens to demonstrate…color background just disappears and also the layout collapsess and no more 100vw width or 100% width…somehow columsn tag seems to become damaged…

thank you

The desktop view is the main view. Tablet and Mobile views inherit from the desktop.
If nothing is changed, all settings are inherited from the desktop view.
If you want another color on mobile view, you can change it in that view.

hi lijn,
yes what you describe is the way it should work but it doesnt…if you narrow the width settings getting not only lost completely but the whole columns construct in my point of view i think became corrupted because nothing works anymore, no matter what i setup you get weired results in the mobile view…with other combinations like contenet designed with DIVs or CSS grid it works fine…as menionted from @StrangeTech in some other topics columsn should not be used anymore…for example with sliders it doesnt work well…
best wishes

Hello @Timo,

Background colours are responsive. If you haven’t set any on mobile, then it won’t appear in the field.

As for the overflowing issue you seem to be having, in most cases this is due to an overflowing element. I recommend you check your elements and make sure you haven’t given a specific width to an element.

If you believe this is an issue with Cwicly, I would be grateful if you could reproduce it on this sandbox installation:$2y$10$sE8sux1joUsGVz9sLRVanu.RbWXnShx.jh/2eK2cVkvJsFlst/Jpi

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Louis
i see so those bg-colors must be added for each view if we like to have it on each view…the downwards-logic like with other parameters like width etc. is not valid here??

Yes sure i did with some less elements; same result…columns layouted text/Slider combo…above just one paragraph outside columsn…resulting in overflowing edges. I even deleted the Grid Setup…it is setup as “grid” but without any values…i thought maybee then it might work…thank you! somehow in the example below i was not able to make the slide-images showing up…also shouldnt it be possible to copy past whole section from my side to this? it doesnt work…i added by hand…