Columns reversable?

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is it possible to reverse sort column’s inside the Columns Element?
thank you so much

what do you mean with reverse sort? I usually click on the left / right arrow when selecting a column in a column block, then you can switch it up down / left / right.


You can just move columns blocks in the grid editor for each breakpoint :wink:

In practice I start with the mobile order to preserve html order, then I switch desktop and or tablet columns in grid editor (default is 1 column on mobile).

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ah i meant like if you flex a div then i need on mobile the reverse order…

ok lemme check this but where?

For a flex div, you can reverse order via flex direction, or use order on children.

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yes sure…but we already built some stuff with columns and i was not able to find out if they can be just reversed via the UX…

have you already tried the wrap-reverse button at design, layout, children when the column block is selected?

hi boris not yet i was on vacation :slight_smile: i will do it very soon ok thx for asking!

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ok i checked this out now and it works great. thanx boris!

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