Colors are messed up & changed partly after update to 1.3.2


Colors after udpate to 1.3.2

I think I was a bit hasty, had to copy all colors from my current style 3 to style 1 before updating as explained in the anoucement

But something is strange: Some global colors are linked, i.e. changing the color of one specific global colors leads into a change of another global color, e.g. if I change color-5, it changes color 4 to a different color

When you select each global colour, you have the option to change the variable for each one - so, I first recommend checking the variables to ensure they are not the same.

I did, and they are not, they are numbered subsequently as generated from updating the plugin

I just spotted that you were using the styles 1/2/3 and you have 3 selected - as you said @Louis mentioned this is deprecated and doesn’t work with the new global colours:

Perhaps this was/is causing an issue?

Right, I am within style 3 to change my colors manually after migration (I am doing this currently on my staging environment, not in production). I cannot change to style 1 overall, because all my style settings (not only the colors) are managed in style 3, or I need a possibility to copy my style 3 to style 1 overall before updating to 1.3.2, or do I miss something?

Good point. We avoided using styles 2/3, so I don’t know the best way to do this. On a per block basis I would assume you can simply copy styles, switch to style 1 and paste styles, though for a large site this is not a practical approach.

no, the only option I need is to copy global style 3 settings to global style 1 settings (within the global style menu, not per block)…

Just recognized that that is possible per right click there