Color Palettes in Cwicly Global Styles?

Is there any possibility to create and and work with color palettes, so one can change whole sets of colors which could be flipped on the fly, similar to the native Gutenberg Global styles for colors, or is this not compatible with your approach? For me this has been always very helpful in finishing the design of a site together with the client

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sorry for overlooking this, got it, great, many thanks

It’s not that obvious :slightly_smiling_face:

But this leads to the next questions:
Is there any option to copy global styles, at least from style x to style y? This would really help, as one normally creates variants of the first or second one, instead of starting from scratch (just defining all the typography settings again and again is a bit a mess)
Are more than 3 styles possible?

On the said tab, right-click the icon and choose your function.

Currently, no. But definitely possible.

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