Code Block Input not Visible on Local Install

I moved my online work to a local install to continue my development, everything works fine but the code block element input area has disappeared. Even when I add a new code block. it doesn’t work. I’m using the latest version


Hello @zagency,

Can you make sure that you have activated the different languages in the Role Editor?

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@kane and @Louis Thank you very much. that fixed the issue.

having problem with the cwicly code block.

I enter the html into the field where it says ‘Code Block’ I can see the css,js,php fields on right panel so have it turned on in role editor.

When I enter the html the code block changes into a paragraph. After that ther isn’t any way to change the code again… and it doesn’t work. I notice on the bottom left I’m seeing the message ‘Cookie check failed’

Am I missing something or entering the html in the wrong place?

If I understand your aim, perhaps you want to be adding your HTML code directly in the PHP area in the sidebar?

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